RESCUE original Bachblüten test

The story

How do you communicate products in a digital world? Together with Klosterfrau M.C.M., we launched the “Original Bachblüten” test.

Targeted Facebook Ads lead the target group to a custom-made landingpage for the test.

To take part, users had to enter their address. The first 500 people received a box containing the products to test.

After two weeks we asked the participants via two e-mails to give us feedback. How did they use the product? How did they feel?

The client

Klosterfrau M.C.M. GmbH. shows, that even companies in the pharmaceutical sector need to think their brands digitally.

The result

…exceeded expectations. The original Bachblüten test delivered the following results:

  • 809 adresses
  • 500 testers
  • overall 88% opening rate of the newsletters
  • overall 70% click rate of the newsletters
  • 346 (70%) completed feedback forms
  • 95% would recommend the product

After the test, the domain was changed to lead to a pharmacy finder, where anyone interested can find pharmacies participating in a 1 + 1 promotion.