Media-Saturn Behavioural Marketing Campaign

The Story

Modern tracking- and targeting technologies allow us to communicate with each customer individually. And the best thing: you can automate this.

While working at Dialogschmiede GmbH, we started a so-called behavioural marketing campaign. This campaign analyses and reacts to the online-behaviour of our customers.

At first, customers received a very general e-mail. A video showed a new possibility to easily finance your purchase.

After that, we tracked, which products were the most clicked. So we knew, which product each individual customer was eventually going to buy – or at least has interest in.

Finally, in a second e-mail, we just included the product category, the user war most interested in.

The Client

The Media-Saturn GmbH is a big on- and offline retailer for all things technology. The online-shop is an alternative to

The result

Our click- and opening rates lie far above any industry standards. This is how personal online communication has to look.