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Communication meets Technology


Between and beyond.

We all live in our own world. We all speak in our own language. The language of our friends or the language of our job.

We often find it difficult to speak to people that don’t speak our particular language.
Real understanding and effectiveness sparks, when we understand more than one of these languages.

My languages are communications and technology. Be it marketing, management or tech.


How can I help you?

I am a translator.

My expertise reflects two worlds and allows me to think big and small. I do not just understand brands and campaign ideas. I can translate them into technology, break them down, and execute them as valuable digital solutions.




  • E-mail marketing
  • newsletter
  • digital concepts
  • Websites
  • Online-ads
  • SEO
  • Social media

UX design

Design is not enough anymore. We have to design the whole user experience. Let me guide you through the process of exploring your data, your users and build something people love to use.

Behavioural Marketing

Today's consumers are multioptional. We have to adapt to our users and base our communication on behaviour, not on demographics.

Data Science

Chances are you already have an unreal amount of data. Google Analytis, Surveys, Adress data. I can make sense of it and provide you with insights.


  • Ruby on Rails
  • HTML5, CSS3, JS
  • Bootstrap
  • Apache Wicket


  • Drupal
  • Wordpress
  • Silverstripe


  • iOS objective C
  • iOS Swift
  • Android


  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • SQLite
  • Postgres


Takin’ care of business.


Martin Haunschmid
CEO & Founder

Daniel ‘Ferdl’ Haider
Development & Data

Sonja Faschinger
Art Direction & UI Design


Benedikt Schmidinger

Jana Frantal
Art Direction

Lisa-Marie Polster

Maximilian Zwinz

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